On Demand Charter vs Jetcard, Fractional and Whole Ownership


On-Demand Chartering offers you the ability to Pay-As-You-Go and to select the jet that is best suited to your needs because:


Once other costs are factored in, the hourly rates for On-Demand Charter are very competitive because:

Supplemental Charters

Already have a Jet Card, Fractional Ownership or Whole Ownership? On-Demand charters may provide the best solution in terms of cost and availability. Need a different size jet? Want to fly during blackout periods? Maintenance being performed on your plane? Don’t worry, we’ll have you enroute to your destination quickly and comfortably in no time.

Charter vs Commercial

Convenience and Cost Effectiveness

Allow you to maximize your most valuable commodity - time, which means more productivity on business trips and more leisure time on vacations.

  • Avoid waiting in line ups at the airport for parking, checking in, going through security and customs, and waiting for luggage
  • Fly direct to all destinations and avoid timely connections and transfers because you now have access to hundreds of airports
  • Leave when you want to, since you are not constrained by a schedule, you can leave early or stay later depending on your needs

Comfort and Functionality

Allow you to arrive fresh and well rested, conduct business as usual, or begin your vacation as soon as you step onboard.

  • Interior configurations can be selected that are best suited to your needs
  • Jet can be equipped with air to ground connectivity, audio visual equipment, and WiFi
  • Luggage can be accessed throughout the flight
  • Conduct meetings and work in peace without compromising confidentiality
  • Relax in fully reclining seats, enjoy a movie of your choice, or simply dim the lights and enjoy some music

Full Service and Privacy

Allow you to relax and enjoy the flight knowing that:

  • You and your guests are the only passengers
  • You have personally selected all the meals and beverages
  • Your travel arrangements are kept in the strictest confidence